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Levō (“to Lift”)

Cannabis is a valuable part of our diverse and vibrant community, so let’s Lift one another.


At Levicann we believe that doing good is a part of doing business. Our mission is to support and lift our customers, staff, neighborhood, and local community through the various adventures and challenges in life. They are part of our story and our goal is to provide a lasting experience for everyone who walks through our doors, while elevating our community through our community outreach initiatives.


Our friendly and educated staff is there to guide you through our extensive range of products – whether you’re new to cannabis, or an expert user wanting to explore. We want to ensure everyone has the ultimate LEVICANN experience. We provide the soundtrack so you can live your best life, whether it’s to be focused, productive, adventurous, creative, or relaxed. We cater to your playlist.

Stay tuned for our cannabis education seminars, community outreach programs, local business and local artists features.


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